Yogic Studies 1 in Europe

About Yogic Studies
The yogic studies courses combine residential stays with several months of guided home practice. Students immerse themselves in a yogic routine, notice the effects of this, and then integrate practices into their daily life.

In Yogic Studies 1, students explore and experience key elements of the Satyananda Yoga tradition. They are encouraged to develop all aspects of their being and to witness the natural process of change that occurs with regular yoga practice.

It is open to both beginners and longer-term practitioners who want to develop greater self-discipline and self-knowledge. Those completing the course will establish a firm foundation from which to continue home practice and personal development. They will also be eligible to progress to further SYAE training courses.

Yogic Studies 1 is a 27-week course beginning with a fourteen-day in-depth residential that establishes the central concepts of hatha, raja, karma and bhakti yoga. This is followed by two further residential sessions.

Residential Dates:
Session 1: March 4-18

Session 2: June 17-24
Session 3: September 2-9

Course Venue:
Hungarian Yoga Association in Szolad, a quiet village near the beautiful Lake Balaton, a 90-minute drive from Budapest-Airport (Hungary). Diet will be simple, nutritious vegetarian meals.

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